Plantes d'Éden

 Handmade, vegan-friendly skin and hair care made from natural ingredients.
  Paraben free, sulphate free, phthalate free and not tested on animals

Tip!! Whipped shea butter used on hair: Can be used as a leave in or rinse off

There are many varieties of Whipped shea butter available in the Web Store; Check it out!

Whipped shea butter with Babassu and kiss oil:

This is very emollient, being one of the richest butters we do, and a best seller

Yummy hair whipped shea butter: This has amazing exotic butters incorporated and really makes your hair feel delicious. Smells yummy too!

whipped shea butter

Chocochinno whipped shea butter. Smells like a walk in a cafe!

whipped shea butter

The birth of whipped shea butter; it's really a wonderful thing!

Whipped shea butter with hibiscus and neem oil:

Neem oil is anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties. This can also be applied lightly to the scalp to keep it free of fungus which may stunt hair growth

whipped shea butter

Whipped shea butter with hibiscus petals and hibiscus oil:

Hibiscus oil is softening and moisturising

whipped shea butter

Making batches of gorgeous Whipped shea butter

.....and batches of gorgeous Whipped shea butter, just for you (and a little bit for us;-))

Super Greens Whipped shea butter:

This new addition to the range is made with spirulina to strengthen hair while it moisturises

Organic, fair-trade  shea butter is used in all 
our products