Plantes d'Éden

 Handmade, vegan-friendly skin and hair care made from natural ingredients.
  Paraben free, sulphate free, phthalate free and not tested on animals


October 2015

I bought the Babassu shea butter at an event in wimbledon, and I must say I really liked it. I use only a little and I get really defined twists. It's really good. 5 stars

- Farah   

Feb 2016
Hello, I have been trying to buy 200g of whipped shea butter with babassu and kissi oil for some time not but card payment doesn't work. Can you please let me know if there is an alternate form of payment. Alternatively, are you planning on coming to Wimbledon (or vicinity) anytime soon? My son has psoriasis, and this cream has really worked for him so desperately need some more!       -S.M
I purchased the shea butter with babassu & kissi oil at the conscious vibes expo in London. I love love love this product, I use it on my face and it is to die for, I have seen an improvement in my skin soon after using it. My skin now has life, it's soft and my acne scarring is fading. The two ladies I met on that day we're so welcoming, they had beautiful spirits and you can see that believe in what they sell and I do too. I am now a loyal customer. Thank you.


The natural fragrance with neroli is just amazing!



Hi, Some months ago I bought your Creme called Shea Butter Cream in London. I live in Germany and would like to order this great creme again but unfortunatly I couldn't find it on your Website. 

Regards M


Knowing that positive feedback is always a nice thing, may I share with you the fact that I have just received the excellent products that my lovely team (you and my daughter, Dxxxx) have obtained for me and have just used the Beauty Balm – and my face has just said ‘FABULOUS, Thank you !!’


I loved loved loved it. Best moisturiser I have ever used in my life.


I can testify that this is amazing!



With my endless list of allergies – including numerous synthetic ingredients plus essential oils, tapioca, peach and sesame – I was certain that there were no products out there that I could use. Then my mum found Plantes d'Éden! I told Lisa that I was looking for some mascara, some moisturiser, and some products to make my hair healthier. She worked with me to produce formulas for such items that would suit me and I could not be more grateful, nor could I be more pleased with the results!! I’m particularly pleased with the adaptations of the Arabian Sands Hair Oil and the Chocochinno Whipped Shea Butter. Thank you Lisa! :)


September 2016

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