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Shikakai Herbal Ayurvedic hair cleanser, sulphate free, with Moroccan black soap


This natural herbal hair cleanser is sulphate free and cleans the hair effectively without stripping it off its protective sebum/natural oils.

It contains shikakai (a secret discovered in India) which while cleansing the hair, also strengthens it. your hair will feel stronger immediately after you rinse out this product. and not stripped! The strands will feel separated from each other (not likely to tangle!), and easier to manage.

Use my Apple Cider Hair Rinse after this product (see separate listing)

Gentle enough that it can be used on kids' hair.

This product is for you If you suffer from greasy scalp and dry hair choose the option with added moroccan back soap. Moroccan black soap (aka beldi soap) is steeped in history. Invented about 3,000 years ago in Syria, it's an ancient product that is still used today across the Maghreb region, Morocco in particular. Its magic ingredient? Olive oil. The soap is made from a mixture of olive oil and crushed black olives, which are then marinated in salt and potash.

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