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Herbal hair tea rinse , hair treatment for strength & shedding hair


Contains a herbal tea infusion and amla.

What it does


Reverses DHT action on follicles, strengthens roots and helps reduce shedding.


Strengthens hair (in a similar way than henna can strengthen hair)

How to use

Use every 1 to 2 weeks and use more frequently when your hair needs strength or sheds more. Spray onto roots and scalp, leave on for 10 to 30 mins then rinse off. Do this after using the ayurvedic hair cleanser and Apple Cider Rinse but before conditioning the hair. After cleansing hair, you could also combine this treatment with a deep conditioning treatment by saturating hair and scalp with this product and then applying your moisturising deep conditioning treatment. Put hair in a showercap or use clingfilm, then wrap hair with a towel. Leave on for 30 mins, helps to generate body heat. Then rinse hair for hair that can withstand styling, tugging, and pulling!

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