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Vegan eggless Tortillas

Posted on 1 January, 2017 at 19:20

A new year and a new meal! I intend to spend less time cooking and more time meditating so see below this meal ready in 20 mins:

Dice garlic, chop an onion:

Peppers and herbs as desired:

Add dry spices to taste eg cumin, curry powder, salt, pepper

Add part boiled potatoes, bean, chickpeas, lentil or whatever you like. Fry for a few mins.

Plate on eggless tortillas. They are expensive or difficult to source so I make my own with gluten free flour, water, pinch of salt and baking powder. Sometimes I mix a quarter quinuoa flour with some ethiopian Teff flour as another gluten free alternative and it is more pliable than regular gluten free flour as it may resemble the ethiopian Ingera sour bread.


Et voila, bon appetite!

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